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Cathy Griffin, Certified Rolfer

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  1. Therapeutic Massage

  2. Low Level Laser Therapy

  3. Visceral Manipulation

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  1. My experience at Dathun is testimony to the benefits of Rolfing.  I experienced less pain than just about anyone I talked to, including people who do hours of yoga.  And it has nothing to do with anything except being Rolfed.  The last time I did any serious meditation days in a row, I was in tremendous pain.  The only change is, I was Rolfed by Cathy in the meanwhile.  I feel great.  Dale

  1. Cathy, thank you again for helping me to feel better through my Rolfing sessions.  My chronic tightness and tension have much improved.  I regained 5/8” in my height.  Also, my golf game has much improved, which I contribute directly to our Rolfing sessions.  Thanks again.  Jeff

  1. First of all, thank you so much for making my Rolfing experience what it was.  Physically, it corrected the sloping shoulder I had on the left side.  Emotionally, I enjoyed our many conversations and your insights were valued.  I think Rolfing is beneficial at least once in a lifetime and for myself, I’d like to continue it periodically, as I think necessary for overall body health.  Thanks again!  Roxanne

  1. I never imagined I could let life roll off my shoulders so organically.  It’s so much easier to handle the everyday challenges, sleep at night, and laugh.  Not only do my shoulders and back feel great, but I feel stronger than ever.  Cathy, thank you for opening my mind and body to another world through Rolfing.  Nicki

  1. As a potter and Yoga teacher, I thought I was pretty in touch with my body.  But, the repetition of my activities were causing numbness and tingling in my hands.  It only took two Rolfing sessions with Cathy for all my pain to go away and stay away.  Finally, some real relief!  John

  1. A fellow surgeon told me about Cathy and Rolfing after she helped him with plantar fasciitis.  Constantly standing for hours, hunched over the table has taken it’s toll on my back for years.  Not only have I been pain free for over a year, I’m more flexible and take better care of myself than ever.  Rolfing makes sense and Cathy’s passion, sincerity, and expertise makes it last.

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